BJP Advices Rahul Gandhi To Go Play School to Learn About Paytm


As Rahul has been succeeding in making a dent in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity, post demonetisation, Bharatiya Janata Party Started Attacking Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi’s point alluding to Paytm as ‘Pay to Modi’.

Post demonetisation, as poor and middle-class people have been suffering with currency crises, Rahul Gandhi has been repeatedly criticising Narendra Modi of helping few rich businessmen and corporates, making crores of common people suffer from demonetisation.

Apart from this, some private corporates and mobile wallets like Paytm have been welcoming demonetisation and even using Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photograph in their advertisements, Rahul Gandhi’s statements attracted even more attention.

Trying to highlight Narendra Modi’s closeness with corporates and mobile wallet companies like Paytm, Rahul Gandhi said that Paytm means ‘Pay To Modi’.

While Rahul Gandhi came up with ‘Pay To Modi’ statement weeks ago, now after a long gap, Rahul Sinha, The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader from West Bengal asked Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi to go to play school in order to know the meaning of Paytm.

“The people who have not done anything for the farmers are now talking about the famers,” he said.

Sinha said the Congress vice president does not have any issue, and therefore, why is he searching for one?

He said people have now understood that the politician who does not stick to his statements cannot fight for them and cannot do good to them.

“Rahul Gandhi’s statement will remain statements only, they will not have any impact on the people,” Sinha said.

Accusing the Congress of making things dirty, Sinha said that people will wipe out the congress for such politics.

He said the BJP will keep the politics clean. Sinha said Modi statement of congress free India is proving correct

“All that is left with congress will also end if Rahul Gandhi continuous to make such purposeless and unwarranted statements,” he said. (ANI)