Rahul Gandhi claims PM of corruption; BJP seeks apology


Rahul Gandhi claims PM of corruption: Indian national congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi spoke of the possibility of an earthquake if he spoke in Parliament; on Wednesday, he says Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “personally terrified” of facing the House because he has some explosive information on the latter. He said he was not being allowed to speak in the House because the Prime Minister was “terrified” of the information in his possession.

Friday, the govt of India (NDA) and the BJP took it seriously and gave a hit back almost immediately, saying the Congress leader was “frustrated… desperate” and his allegations were the “biggest joke of the year”. In the absence of any incontrovertible proof to laugh him off, let’s accept he is actually in possession of knowledge that could rattle Modi or like the Congress vice-president says could “burst his balloon”.

In the event that he is ended up being a liar, He would not only lose the respect of the people in general but that of all Opposition parties. He basically can’t manage the cost of the hazard. So we should accept he has some confirmation to support his charge against the prime minister.

If he has evidence, it better be strong enough; otherwise Modi, in a spot of trouble following four weeks of demonetisation, would turn out much more stronger. With lives in disarray everywhere after the government trashed high denomination currency notes and no quick end to the widespread misery in sight, this is the best time for Rahul to drum up his pro-poor credential. He can’t permit Modi to rise looking better by tossing proof of no consequence at him.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister and senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar said that allegations were made against the PM out of “desperation” and “frustration”.

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