Business-Focused Microsoft Kaizala App Launched in India Which is ‘Made for India’


Microsoft Kaizala App Launched: Kaizala is an app which mainly focuses on Business and swiftly works on 2G networks as well. It can be also called as WhatsApp for Business conversations. This app is already popular in Government departments and is spreading through various other departments and private sectors in the country with one of it being Republic TV.

On Wednesday at an event in New Delhi, the Skype-owner launched Kaizala, a messaging app designed to ‘get work done’ that has already garnered interest from several state governments and businesses in India. A messaging app in 2017 ought to do more than just enable a few friends talk to each other. This is essentially the pitch of Kaizala, a made-in-India, mobile-only app available on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Kaizala App Launched in India by Skype Owner:

One of the major limitations of WhatsApp has been its inability to handle large groups of people. First, there is a cap on how many people you could add to a group (256, to be precise). Then there is the major challenge of making any sense of the conversation that ensues between those tens of dozens of people.

The company wants to serve to customers who have to talk to dozens, hundreds, thousands, and lakhs of people at once. Microsoft has been testing Kaizala with governments and businesses for months in India. During this period, the company says, more than 30 government departments signed up to the platform. More than 70,000 people from the state government are already using Kaizala for day-to-day work.

During the state election in Uttar Pradesh, the Election Commission used Kaizala when it wanted to efficiently survey people in the state. Andhra Pradesh’s state government is also one of the major users of the service. The chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu often sends message to the hundreds of thousands of citizens in the state through the app and listen to the feedback.

This app comes as to overcome the limitations and provide better service than the other service providers in this area. The public launch of Kaizala comes at a time when Facebook is increasingly looking at businesses and enterprises and wondering how it could make WhatsApp relevant to them and also find a revenue source.

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