Cryptocurrency Site Hacked Millions of Android Smartphones for Mining


Cryptocurrency Site Hacked Millions of Android Smartphones: Cryptocurrency, has seen a huge raise in the end of 2017 but came to little less place than earlier. But today, there is a big hack which made millions of smartphones mine for a cryptocurrency site by making your smartphone processor work at its maximum strength. This increase the heat on your device and makes it slow.

The exact trigger wasn’t clear, researchers believed that infected apps with malicious ads would steer people toward the pages. And it wasn’t subtle — the site would claim that you were showing “suspicious” web activity and tell you that it was mining until you entered a captcha code to make it stop. The exact number of victims isn’t apparent, but it’s large. The hijack was first reported by Malwarebytes.

It reported five internet domains using the same captcha code and Coinhive site keys used for the campaign. At least two of the sites had over 30 million visits per month, and the combined domains had about 800,000 visits per day. Even though most people only ever spent a short amount of time on the pages (an average of 4 minutes), that amounted to a lot of mining time.

The warning message reads as “Your device is showing suspicious surfing behaviour. Please prove that you are human by solving the captcha. Until you verify yourself as human, your browser will mine the Cryptocurrency Monero for us in order to recover the server costs incurred by bot traffic.” Until a user enters the code, the smartphone or tablet continues mining Monero, damaging the device’s processor.

The threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few months, with many actors jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. Malware-based miners, as well as their web-based counterparts, are booming and offering online criminals new revenue sources. Forced cryptomining is now also affecting mobile phones and tablets en masse—not only via Trojanized apps, but also via redirects and pop-unders.

These are the domains which are hijacking smartphones:

  • rcyclmnr[].com
  • rcylpd[.]com
  • recycloped[.]com
  • rcyclmnrhgntry[.]com
  • rcyclmnrprd[.]com
  • rcyclmnrepv[.]com

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