Facebook and Instagram are down worldwide, Not Working? How To Fix Outage


Leading Websites Facebook and Instagram are not working for large number of users worldwide from few hours  users were experiencing issues loading the site Wednesday. Outage reports from DownDetector were showing that the issues were occurring worldwide but especially in the United States and Europe. Facebook users took to Twitter to complain that the site was down, sharing gifs and videos about their panic and joking about getting more work down without it.

Due to website outage report more than 2,000 users had complained that they couldn’t open the site in the last 30 minutes, while downdetector.com said it had seen a spike in reported problems including a total blackout for some users, difficulty logging in and problems with the apps.

A spokesperson for Facebook, which is usually considered one of the most robust sites on the internet, said:

“We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram,” a Facebook representative told. “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Coming to Instagram According to downdetector, Instagram had far fewer reported issues, with under 2,600 users indicating they had a problem. Out of the reports, 55 percent were unable to see their newsfeed, 23 percent could not login and 20 percent were unable to access Instagram’s website.

However, DownStatus, another website that gathers user information, tweeted that more than 3,600 users reported problems.

Facebook Outage Problem how to fix it:

The issues seemed to hit the web platform for the site first. While the app was working for some users after the outage it too went down around noon EDT. In addition to the Facebook app the messenger app was down as well.

The issues seemed to have more to do with Facebook’s servers than with the individuals trying to use the apps or page, meaning nothing on the user’s end would be able to fix the outage. Users simply need to wait this one out. Even once the app and site are back up and running they might be delayed for some time.It is not yet clear what caused the outage.

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