Facebook Messenger Kids Now Available on Android’s Google Playstore


The controversial app from Facebook, Messenger Kids is now made available on Android Platform. The app is available on Google Playstore starting today. Facebook Messenger Kids is controversial as the app encourages kids to get involved in social media and certain groups of the society are so outraged by the company’s move to involve more and more kids into it’s range.

The app is a highly-modified version of the standard Messenger app; it gives parents complete control over who their children are communicating with on mobile devices. When the app first went live on iOS devices in December last year, an open letter co-signed by nineteen organizations and just under 100 child-advocates was published by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, calling for Mark Zuckerberg to pull the app from stores.

The app is still live in the Apple App Store and went live in the Amazon Appstore a short time later. Now, today, it hits the Google Play Store. The app works by letting children set up their own “Child” account that is directly connected to a parent’s Facebook account. When the child initiates a chat, or someone tries to chat with the child, the app notifies the parent before the conversation can begin.

Many parents are concerned about their children spending too much time with their eyes glued to a screen, Messenger Kids has raised eyebrows. Some child development experts have already called on Facebook to shut down the app. At best, Facebook is doing just what it says: it’s providing a secure chat experience for young folks under 13 — while also setting them on a very direct course to continue using Facebook.

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