Fake WhatsApp Messenger Downloaded by More Than Million User From Play Store


Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app right now used by Billion users.  Recently, A fake app similar to the WhatsApp was downloaded more than Million Users from Google Play Store before it was finally removed by Google.

The fake app, called “Update WhatsApp Messenger,” had the same logo and screenshots of the Orginal WhatsApp in the Play Store. The only thing that set it apart from the real WhatsApp was the “Update” that was written before it and the space that came after the developer, “WhatsApp Inc.” The Fake  contained ads and could download software to users’ devices.

The fake version of WhatsApp was first spotted by Reddit users posting in the Android subreddit.  Once detected, Google quickly removed the app from the Play store, but not before it had been downloaded by a million users. The app left no trace on the user’s phone so they simply thought they’d downloaded the regular WhatsApp.

As per experts, certain fake apps can even take control of phones without the user’s knowledge. Reportedly, fake apps are quite common in the Google Play store.  Earlier this year, Google introduced Play Protect to safeguard the users from malicious apps.

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