Google Chat is On its Way as RCS Based SMS Platform Pausing Investment into Allo


Google is finally started its work and announcement into the RCS based platform which will enable the features just like iMessage. The Android Messages app will power the long awaited RCS platform that Google has been working with carriers and OEMs for years on with the aim of doing away with the severely limited SMS platform, and now we know that platform is being given a name called ‘Chat’.

Instead of bringing a better app to the table, it’s trying to change the rules of the texting game, on a global scale. Google has been quietly corralling every major cellphone carrier on the planet into adopting technology to replace SMS. The app is based on a standard called the “Universal Profile for Rich Communication Services. The company also says it’s “pausing” work on its most recent entry into the messaging space, Allo.

Rich Communication Services or RCS is a relatively new IP-based messaging protocol that allows for sharing high-resolution photos, group abilities, and other such enhanced capabilities. Google will include several smart features, such as the Smart Replies, GIFs and stickers, Google Assistant support, Google Photos integration, better message search, and even a Web interface that’s similar to the WhatsApp’s – using a QR code to sign in.

In a sign of its strategic importance to Google, the company has spearheaded development on the new standard, so that every carrier’s Chat services will be interoperable. But, like SMS, Chat won’t be end-to-end encrypted, and it will follow the same legal intercept standards. In other words: it won’t be as secure as iMessage or Signal. The new Chat services will be turned on for most people in the near future, though timing will be dictated by each carrier.

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