Google Earth Update Brings Browser Compatibility & Chrome Support


Google Earth Update: The first major update since the launch of Google Earth brings many important features. We can view places on the Earth in satellite view as well as 3D view. Until the update, you have to install the app from the play store but now it supports directly from the browser. Google has announced an overhaul of its Earth service, starting with the ability to browse it directly in the Chrome browser.a

Google revealed a number of new tools Wednesday to help users navigate the virtual globe; a tool called “Voyager” offers a menu of thematic tours, while new “knowledge cards” provide factoids about sites and scenes throughout the world. Upgraded imagery makes flying over the Andes or island hopping at the Mili Atoll more realistic and stunning than ever.

Google Earth Update Brings Lot Many Features:

Google introduced a new feature called “Voyager” which lets you browse “interactive guided tours” that are created by Scientists, nonprofits, and storytellers. The Collection of places across the world you wish to explore are being clubbed into one and allows you to explore them and learn more about them. Google partnered with BBC and Sesame Street and said that they would continue to extend the list to keep Voyager feature updated with fresh content.

The update also introduces an “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature. When clicked, it will take you to a random location or landmark on the globe and give you a description from Wikipedia. The new Google Earth adds 3D maps of some locations, will help you learn about random places around the globe and give you some curated guided tours by the best in the business as well, right from the comfort of your home on your Chrome browser or Android smartphone.

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