Google Lens Introduced at Google I/O 2017 with Deep Machine Learning Capabilities


Google Lens Introduced: The next big thing which Google is concentrating on is Google Lens. If you have never seen it, just take a look into the video down below and you will end up falling for it. Google Lens take the advantage of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the deep Machine learning techniques to gather the information and provide it to the user. Google Lens turns your Smartphone’s camera into a Google Search.

Googe in the past year has tried to integrate machine learning to improve its products. For Photos, machine learning has enabled the app to understand, recognise and enhance images. Google Lens is a brand new effort from the company that brings AI and machine learning to recognise the surroundings.

Google Lens Introduced Attracted Everyone in Google I/O 2017 Keynote:

Pichai says that Google Lens is set of vision based computing capabilities that can understand what you’re looking at and take actions based on that information. Say if you want to know what a particular flower is, you’ll be able to bring up Google Lens through Assistant which will will identify the flower and it will tell you what flower it is.

This will also works with places like restaurants, where posting your phone to it will allow Google Lens to bring up relevant information on it including ratings and reviews. Notably, pointing the phone’s camera to a Wi-Fi routers username and password will allow Google Lens to automatically connect to it.¬†Pichai didn’t mention when Google Lens would be made available, only saying that it would come soon to Google Assistant and Photos, before making its way to other products.

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