Honda Accord 2018 Production Halted Two Months After Release


Since Honda has launched the all new Honda Accord 2018 this year in January, the model has got many awards. Many publications have also gave it the award for the best design in that price model. But, Honda plans to temporarily halt production of the 2018 Accord at its plant in Marysville, Ohio, in response to bloated inventory and sales that have not lived up to the expectations set by the car’s critical success.

Honda is telling its workers in Marysville to take two days off per month from April to June. Honda will also extend its planned summer shutdown in July by five days, making it a total of 11 days where Honda will idle production for the Accord. As an alternative to not working, employees can choose to work jobs not related to production on those 11 days.

A Honda spokesman told, “This is just really business as usual and we’re adjusting production down to match the market condition at this moment.” Honda Motor Co. plans to freeze production of the 2018 Honda Accord at its Marysville, Ohio, plant for 11 days over the next four months in response to sluggish U.S. sales and swollen inventories.

 Earlier this month, Honda told us it’s “pleased with the growing market share and top transaction prices that the all-new 2018 Honda Accord is garnering in its segment, but it plans to work collaboratively with [its] dealer partners to ensure the overall value proposition with each of our products is competitive in the marketplace.” Honda typically steers clear of incentives.

“I want to stress this,” the spokesman said. “If they want to come in and work, there will work for them available on the nonproduction days.”

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