Instagram Plans Portrait Mode, Video and Voice Calling Features for Future Updates

Source: TechCrunch

Instagram Plans Portrait Mode: A recent finding from TechCrunch revealed the future plans of Instagram and their updates. Earlier today, they informed about the Video and Voice calling features from the piece of code embedded in the apk file. It now revealed that there is a feature buried within Instagram’s Android Application Package (APK) is an icon for a Portrait shutter for the Stories camera.

This could potentially let people shoot stylized portraits with bokeh effect-blurred backgrounds or other lighting effects. They also quoted that it was actually found out by a TechCrunch reader Ishan Agarwal exclusively shared the images below with TechCrunch after decompiling the APK, which is the file format equivalent of Windows’ .exe but for Android.

Source: TechCrunch

That upcoming features could make Instagram an all-in-one app. And the arrival of voice and video calling features on Instagram will likely impact Snapchat badly, its closest rival in the social media space. The latter app introduced test and video chats in 2014, and these features haven’t been copied by Instagram just yet. Instagram has often been accused of copying features from Snapchat.

Many smartphones, including newer iPhones, include a portrait option in their default native cameras. People can shoot there and upload to places like Instagram. But users are increasingly recording content with the in-app Stories cameras in Instagram and Snapchat that offer advanced editing and special effects. Judging by the fact that the file for “Rewind” is labeled “Reverse,” the “Portrait” mode could launch under a different name.

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