London Air Traffic Control Replaced to Digital System Becoming First City to Achieve that


London Air Traffic Control Replaced: BBC reported on Thursday that London will become the first city to replace the Air Traffic Control and replace with High definition cameras. Instead of sitting in a tower overlooking the runway, controllers will be 80 miles (128 km) away, watching live footage from high-definition cameras with a remotely operated digital system. This will be a revolution in Air Traffic Control.

BBC also reported that, The technology has been developed by Saab, a Swedish defence and security company, and will be introduced as part of a 350 million pounds development programme to upgrade London City Airport which will also include an extended terminal building, enabling it to serve two million more passengers a year by 2025.

London Air Traffic Control Replaced with Digital Cameras:

The digital system, will provide controllers with a 360-degree view of the airfield via 14 high-definition cameras and two cameras which are able to pan, tilt and zoom. The London City Airport is also planning to decommission its traditional tower in 2019, replacing it with a new 164 ft digital tower. The cameras will send a live feed via fibre cables to a new operations room built at the Hampshire base of Nats, Britain’s air traffic control provider.

The new system, due to be completed in 2018, will be tested for a year before becoming fully operational in 2019. If this is successful, there will be many cities which are going to follow the same. This digital cameras are high definition and can check the live footage where the controllers will be 80 miles.

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