M-Parivahan, E-Challan Road Safety Apps Will be Launched Soon by Road ministry


M-Parivahan, E-Challan Road Safety Apps : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Started Digital India campaign. Recently a UPI-based app called bhim app was launched in the country to support demonetistion. Now Indian Governement Going to Launch m-Parivahan and e-challan apps to help and improve roadways system in the country.M-Parivahan app features to search and establish the genuineness of a vehicle and driver. E-challan is an enforcement app for traffic police and transport authorities.Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will launch the apps during the 28th Road Safety Week from January 9-15.

The ministry is planning to launch two apps in both android and iOS Platforms related to road safety and customer facilitation. One of them would be e-challan which would be used by the enforcement authorities and another would be m-Parivahan which would provide host of services to citizens,” a Road Ministry official said.

The M-Parivahan app comes with basic features and allows users to report or complain about inappropriate road behavior. The app will provide details of all vehicles registered and serve as a digital license provider for citizens. The M-Parivahan app will be available soon on most of the smartphones.

Features of M-Parivahan, E-Challan Road Safety Apps

  1. The e-challan app will help traffic police to enforce transport laws.
  2. E-challan app will help in connecting all stakeholders
  3. It will help in easing operation and monitoring.
  4. All you need to know about m-Parivahan:
  5. m-parivahan is a citizen-centric app that will facilitate access to various transport-related services.
  6. It will provide a virtual driving licence and registration certificates through back-end connection to the transport national register. m-Parivahan will help in adding a vehicle into the app, and later it will provide full details of the car including owner’s driving licence and registration certificate.

The app will also facilitate “good Samaritans” through technology. They can report accidents by clicking pictures and reporting to traffic authorities in states and to road transport organizations, with the option of hiding their identity, if they so wish.They can also report traffic violations. States will be asked to provide linkages to the 108 service for better response.

India is stepping up on its ‘Digital India’ initiative. The benefit of all the above said application can be observed from January 9, as they will be released for public use. From January 9-15, India will celebrate the Road Safety Week for the cause of promoting safe driving and ensuring safety all over India.

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