Maruti Teams Up With Honda to Produce Hybrid Cars & SUVs in India


Maruti Suzuki and Honda are teaming up to produce Hybrid Cars & SUVs in India. The estimation from the companies point of view would be 4-5 years away from the launch of first hybrid model. The new petrol-hybrid cars from Maruti and Honda will be sold at diesel car prices. So, this points that there will be a heavy localization in both the electric motor and batteries required to run them.

Maruti’s company’s head of engineering, C V Raman is pretty clear: “What we are looking at doing is improving our internal combustion engines by hybridising them”. Auto Car Pro quoted that, Options include ISG (Integrated Starter Generators) or SHVS-like systems as well as stronger hybrids. And it’s the latter that Maruti is looking at more seriously.


While a similarly specified Swift petrol delivers 22.6kpl in Japan’s JC08 test cycle, the Swift Hybrid that gets a strong 10kW electric boost from its 100V system delivers 32kpl. The configuration for India will be different. India is unlikely to get Suzuki’s Dualjet engine here and the boost is likely to be in the region of 8kW as against 10. But the ramp-up in efficiency could actually be the same; which, in effect, works out to a real-world figure of around 19kpl under Autocar India’s city cycle.

The shift to hybrid is due to tighter fuel efficiency standards, which come into place in 2022. Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE) will be 113 grams of CO2 per kilometer from 2022, which means that both companies will have to hit the hybrid button to achieve this stringent target. The present CAFE target is a much more relaxed 138 grams of CO2/km.

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