Memrise Awarded Best App of Google Play Store 2017 at Google I/O 2017


Memrise Awarded Best App: Many of you doesn’t know that there is an app called memrise. This app is just like a game which will make you learn a new language of your choice. It is a very useful app which will help you before you go to any place where you don’t know how to speak their local language. Memrise has chat bots which will help you memorize the stuff and you can chat with the chatbot.

For the Best App category, they have chosen from 2.8 million apps. They decided 12 apps being victorious and Out of these 12 apps for the Google Play Awards, the Best App was awarded to Memrise, a language learning app. Memrise has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. While using Memrise, it is so different than any other apps that I use for translation.

Memrise Awarded Best App in Google Play Store for 2017:

Memrise has a good User interface which will make you stick to the plans and learn the language quickly. The best thing about the app is, it divides the language and makes you learn the language small parts everyday. The theme of Memrise is space where you will make yourself fly into another world, and the different levels are portrayed as one’s journey of diving into space.


French, the most popular and loved language globally probably tops everyone’s list of languages to learn. All of Memrise Official courses are created by a dedicated team of linguists and language experts. They work in the same room with our world-class team of developers to push the boundaries of learning technology. Through this app, every day, 2 million words and phrases are learned with a rich variety of games, chatbots and over 30,000 native speaker videos.

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