Reliance Jio Drives India Becoming Full 4G Power by 2018 : Opensignal


Reliance Jio Drives India Becoming Full 4G Power: A recent report by Opensignal has stated that, India is moving towards a developing 4G power to fully developed 4G country by the end of 2018. Reliance Jio, which made everything possible with lowering the rates of tariff with making all the calls unlimited and pay only for data. India will be crossing every speed breaker in 4G services to become full grown 4G country.

India will gradually move away from being a developing 4G country, overcoming the hiccups necessary to become a full-grown 4G power in 2018, says new report. London-based OpenSignal, which specialises in crowdsourced wireless coverage mapping all over the world, said that Jio’s market entry kicked off an intense price war in the telecom scene in India, resulting in offerings of cheaper LTE services from all operators, driving more consumers to 4G than ever before.

Reliance Jio Drives India Becoming Full 4G Powered Country:

“The trend will continue next year. Whether Jio remains the huge dominant driver in 4G growth remains to be seen. After a year of free and steeply discounted data pricing, Jio may make 2018 the year it raises prices. That could level the playing field for India’s operators,” said Andrea Toth from OpenSignal. “Jio’s widespread 4G access, along with its at-first free and later heavily discounted data and voice plans, quickly won the hearts — and wallets — of more than 100 million mobile users across the country,” Toth added.

“In our latest State of LTE report, India occupied the lowest spot among the 77 countries we examined, with average download speeds of 6.1 Mbps, over 10 Mbps lower than the global average,” the report said. With operators rolling out low-cost data plans to grow their consumer bases, and manufacturers launching affordable 4G smartphones enabling a greater slice of the population to get connected, OpenSignal expects 4G availability to maintain its rising trajectory across the country.

“LTE availability in India is remarkable. The users were able to connect to an LTE signal over 84 per cent of the time — a rise of over 10 percentage points from a year earlier. This places India ahead of more established countries in the 4G landscape such as Sweden, Taiwan, Switzerland or the UK,” Toth noted.

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