[Video] Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Video Leaked a Day Before Release


Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Video Leaked: We know many specs from the new Samsung mobile which is being released tomorrow through the leaks. Samsung has reportedly put up a three minute video (which has since been taken down, but reuploaded by Slashleaks) that shows the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in all their glory. The media release images and live images were already leaked online along with Samsung DeX.

According to TechRadar, It’s feasible that this is a hoax, but not only does it dovetail with all we’ve heard, it’s an incredibly strong – and long – effort at duping the world just hours before launch. The video shows primarily the business capabilities of the phone, talking about the new Knox security, an Android Enterprise Edition of the phone and extolling the virtues of the dual-screen multi-tasking.

The video showcases the various improvements to the camera software including better augmented reality (AR) integration, as well as real-time translation. While other confirmed aspects include water and dust-resistance (IP68 rating), the re-positioning of the fingerprint sensor, a fuller security package, and more. So the video (which runs for a little over three minutes) is worth a quick watch.

The video include features such as multitasking, support for Samsung DeX, support for Samsung KNOX, advanced biometric authentication, as well as a focus on an enterprise edition of the software for richer business-focused support. Resulting in a video that is far more market-targeted than one designed for the general consumer marker. It even concludes with the tagline “now the perfect phone for you, is the perfect phone for business.”

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