WhatsApp Payment Update – Where to find the WhatsApp Payment Option?


WhatsApp with UPI-based payment updates has been spotted on Android and iOS beta versions of the app, As Per Reports of GizmoTimes reported about the WhatsApp UPI-based payments, while another report on FoneArena highlights the versions where the feature appears to be live. It also looks like the UPI-based payment feature has been rolled out to select WhatsApp users for now. We were unable to spot the feature on the beta version of WhatsApp on our Android phones.

The payment option is seen in the attachment list of the WhatsApp chat. The payments will be done through UPI (Unified Payments Interface) but for now, it’s showing a list of banks along with the linked bank account. However, users will not be able to add a new account. This means that WhatsApp is in the final stage of inclusion of the payment feature on the Android and iOS app.

Only the users with version number V2.18.21 on iOS devices will be able to see the payment option. On the other hand, Android running with version, V2.18.41 will be able to see the update.However, if you are not able to see the payment option, it is not a cause for concern as this update is only for selected beta users.

WhatsApp had confirmed working on a payment feature last April. Gradually, there were reports of users ‘seeing’ the feature on the beta versions of WhatsApp. However, today’s sighting is the first proper evidence of the UPI-based payment service on WhatsApp.

In India, there are many apps which have integrated UPI payments method. Some of the popular ones include Truecaller, Hike and Paytm. Google also launched its standalone payment app Tez in India last September.

Where to find the payment option?

You can find the payment option by tapping the Attachment menu inside a chat. You will then see one more added feature titled ‘payment option’ along with the gallery, video, and documents. Once you click on the payment option, you can see the list of banks, from which you can select the bank with the linked account.

Verify it with security pin for authentication like any other UPI-based payment service and you are good to go.

However, the WhatsApp UPI-based payment service will work only if both the sender and receiver have the WhatsApp payment option enabled.

Note: In case you can’t see the option yet, you may have to wait for about 12 hours or till the next day as the rollout is gradually taking place.

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