YouTube’s In-App Direct Messaging And Sharing Features; Now Globally Available


YouTube chat: Google has released a new mobile-only feature on YouTube that that allows users to converse and share videos in a chat without leaving the app. The new update is initially designed for the YouTube app on Android and iOS devices.

Before this new update, users would have to send YouTube videos to friends by forwarding links to other messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or Gmail among others. Now, Youtube appears to be addressing that problem with this In-App Direct Messaging And Sharing Features.

You can use the new feature on the YouTube app to share videos with your contacts and start a conversation about them.  It also allows you to reply with another video. You can invite others to the conversation and even create groups — similar to what you would do on an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. YouTube says it will continue to allow you to share videos through other apps as well.

The new feature is the result of the testing that YouTube started last year and debuted in Canada at the beginning of this year. The YouTube team chose the Canadian market for its pilot programme since Canadians are claimed to share videos 15 percent more often than other global users. Now This feature made available for users throughout the globe.

“We’ve been experimenting with a better way to share videos on YouTube since last year. Thanks to all your feedback, we made some improvements and are now ready to roll out this new sharing feature to all users globally,” YouTube product manager Benoît de Boursetty writes in a blog post.

“These shared videos all live in a brand new tab on your YouTube mobile app, making it easier than ever to catch up on videos your friends have shared or to show them a few of your own favorites.” tells the Youtube Official Blog.

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