Earthworms Born in Martian Soil Might be Good News for Future Civilisation


Leading to a conclusion, the lab set up by NASA on the red planet, Mars lead the way for future civilisation. Many people are in the thought of turning this planet into a place where humans can live. With the growth of research and technology, many people’s hope has went up with the new earthworms first born in Matian soil. Worms play an important part in the cultivation of soil, just in case you thought they were nuisances or novelties.

Reported by, researchers at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands successfully bred two healthy earthworms in soil that simulates conditions of Martian soil. According to a statement released by Wageningen, biologist Wieger Wamelink found the worms in simulated soil he acquired from NASA. Prior to this development, the only worms present in the soil were adult worms he added himself.

NASA Reports Eathworms Born in Martian Soil :

The NASA-supplied simulated soil is made from volcanic rocks and pig manure, as the Wageningen statement playfully points out human fecal matter will be a key part of fertilizing soil in an actual Martian colony. Worms will be vital to a closed ecosystem on Mars because their droppings eventually become nutrients like nitrogen and potassium.

Wieger Wamelink, a biologist at Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands, is running plant growth experiments in a mixture of NASA-made Martian soil simulants — made from volcanic terrestrial rocks — and pig manure, to which he added live adult worms. University officials said in a statement that the infant worms are the first offspring of adult worms to be born in a Mars soil simulant.

The goal of the experiment is to find out how well worms break down old waste to produce food for bacteria and plants in the mixture of soil simulant and pig slurry (or manure). Various flowering plants were allowed to germinate in several pots of this mix, and adult worms were then added.

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