ISRO to Launch PSLV C-40 Rocket on January 12 with 31 Satellites


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is launching their first rocket of the year on January 12. It is going to be a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle with 31 satellites on board most likely on January 12 at 9.28 am from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Shar, Sriharikota in SPSR Nellore district. It is the next thing which is going up to become a success preceded by a failure last time in August 2017.

“PSLV C-40 rocket will launch the Cartosat and 31 small satellites at 9.30am on January 12,” told Isro Public Relations director D P Karnik. Of the 31 small satellites, 28 are from foreign countries and two from Isro. The two ‘desi’ small satellites are microsat and nanosat, which are technology demonstrators. This might be a prestigious to bring up the hope to become successful.

Apart from India’s Cartosat-2 series satellite, the PSLV-C40 would carry two micro satellites besides 28 of different sizes and shapes belonging to various countries. The Cartosat is a follow-up satellite to provide high resolution scene specific spot imageries for civilian and military applications. It carries Panchromatic and Multi-spectral cameras operating in Time Delay Integration (TDI) mode and is capable for delivering high resolution data.

The advanced remote sensing satellite Cartosat, also called ‘eye in the sky’ because of its surveillance capabilities, is capable of providing scene-specific spot imagery. It carries a state-of-the-art panchromatic (PAN) camera that takes black and white pictures of the earth. The swath covered by this PAN camera is 9.6 km and their spatial resolution is less than 1 metre.

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