Kerala High Court Restores Sreesanth’s Life ban on his Circketing Career While the Cricketer is Still Fighting


Kerala High Court Restores Sreesanth’s Life ban: We all know that Sreesanth was caught in a IPL fixing in the year 2013. After this, BCCI has made a decision and put a ban under his name for life. Eve, BCCI took out CSK and RR teams which are involved in fixing along with 12 names envelop which had big named coming from Lodha panel. Recently Single-Judge bench from Kerala HC lifted the life ban if BCCI has to consider it.

After this news, Kerala pacer is all getting ready to get back into the Indian team. While he is getting ready, suddenly a new decision by a division bench of the Court added that the life ban imposed by the BCCI on Sreesanth will stay. This made the pacer angry and to his surprise the ban if for his life once again which doesn’t allow him to play cricket anywhere even in Ranji Trophy for his state.

Kerala High Court Restores Sreesanth’s Life ban on His Career

The 34-year-old bowler even blasted the Kerala High Court in a series of tweets for not lifting the life ban on his cricketing career. He called this a worst decision by Kerala High Court and asked them about the real culprits who are free and coming back into IPL this year as the ban is finished.

In a series of tweets, the cricketer expressed about what he is thinking and wrote, “This is the worst decision ever..special rule for me?what about real culprits?What about Chennai super kings? And what about Rajasthan?”

He continues to add, “Anyway all I have is my family and lots of dear ones who still believe in me…I will keep fighting and make sure I don’t give up…”

He added and thanked his fans for supporting him in his tough times, saying, “Thanks a lot for all the support Nd encouragement given so far. I assure u all that I’m not giving up..I will Keep at it..Nd alwys believe.”

He also challenged BCCI saying, “And what about the accused 13 names in Lodha report?? No one wants to know about it?i will keep fighting for my right..God is great 🇮🇳✌🏻💒”

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