‘Legendary’ Indonesian Goalkeeper Dies After Collision With Teammate


An Indonesian goalkeeper died during a league match on Sunday (Oct 15) after colliding with one of his own teammates in Lamongan, East Java.  As per reports, Choirul Huda, 38, the keeper for Indonesian soccer team Persela FC,  was pronounced dead after being rushed to hospital with head and neck trauma following the accident with teammate Ramon Rodrigues when attempting to clear a ball in the box.

The pair were playing in a match today for Persela against Semen Padang in the Indonesia Super League. The incident happened in the first half of a game.

Footage from the game shows Huda rushing off his line to block an opposing player from shooting and colliding with his defender. Huda could be seen kneeling on the pitch and clutching his face before losing consciousness. According to reports, he was conscious moments after the collision before complaining of pain in the chest. He then fell unconscious and was rushed to Regional General Hospital in Lamongan, where he passed away.

Persela coach Aji Santoso confirmed after the game finished that Huda had died from his injuries. He told reporters: “All of the players finished the game and went to the hospital, where it was announced that Choirul Huda had died.

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