London Airport Reopend After World War 2 Bomb Removed From Thames


London Airport Reopens after World War 2 Bomb Removed From Thames on Tuesday, the airport officials said. Monday´s shut-down affected Nearly 16,000 passengers who were flying on that day, although some airlines switched their flights to other London hubs. The bomb was discovered at around 5:00am (0500 GMT) on Sunday and a 214-metre exclusion zone was imposed “to ensure that the ordinance can be safely dealt with whilst limiting any risk to the public,” police said.

“To everyone who has been affected – whether you were due to fly on Monday, were evacuated from your home or had your commute to work disrupted by the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) closure – thank you for your patience and understanding,” Sinclair added.

Police have confirmed families who were evacuated from around the site can return to their homes after the device was moved to another location in the dock.

However, a new cordon area around some roads south-east of the airport will come into effect from 21:00 GMT as the ordinance is transported further.A tunnel used by some rail services from St Pancras International will also be closed around midnight.

London City Airport operates flights to and from the UK and Europe , as well as New York. More than 4.5 million people used the airport last year.

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