New H1B Visa Immigration Policy May Increase Inspection Over Computer Programmers


New H1B Visa Immigration Policy: There is a lot going on over H1B visa immigration policies in the Trump Administration. The new USCIS rule show that there will be an increase in the scrutiny over computer programmers and will effect the H1B visa applicants for 2018 fiscal year. An H-1B speciality occupation position requires at minimum a US bachelor’s degree in the designated specialty.

The New H1B Immigration policy advises immigration officials to no longer follow an “obsolete” memo from 2000, which provided guidance on how to vet requests for H-1B visas, a type of visa for high-skilled workers that’s popular in the tech industry. The new policy also garners the need of requirement set of employees who have the sufficient degree in that occupation.

New H1B Immigration Policy Shows Restrictions Over Hiring Computer Programmers:

According to the report that was released by USCIS shows that, “the fact that a person may be employed as a computer programmer and may use information technology skills and knowledge to help an enterprise achieve its goals in the course of his or her job is not sufficient to establish the position as a specialty occupation. An entry-level computer programmer position would not generally qualify as a position in a specialty occupation.”

The new release implies that, this aligns with the administration’s focus on reserving the temporary visas for very high-skilled (and higher-paid) professionals while encouraging low- and mid-level jobs to go to American workers instead. The new guidance affects applications for the lottery for 2018 fiscal year that opened Monday.

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