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Sunil 2 Countries Movie Review: Tollywood actor Sunil who entered the industry and established his fame in Tollywood as a comedian turned into a hero. The actor has been testing his luck by doing various kind of movies. Now coming back with ‘2 Countries‘ movie directed by N Shankar.

2 countries is a remake of the hit Malayalam film ‘Two Countries,’ which had actor Dileep in the lead. Sunil had pinned all his hopes on this film. The film is all set to release on this Friday 29 Dec 2019.The Malayalam ‘2 Countries’ also received good to mixed reviews from both critics and audience alike. It remains to be seen how the remake will fare. Here is our Honest 2 Countries Telugu Movie Review.

Sunil 2 Countries Film Review & Story Plot

  • Release date: December 29, 2017
  • Rating: 2.5/5
  • Starring: Sunil and Manisha Raj
  • Director: N Shankar
  • Producers: N Shankar
  • Music Director: Gopi Sunder
  • Cinematography: C. Ram Prasad

Story Plot: Ullaas(Sunil) is a cunning guy who can go to any extent for money. One fine day, he cheats a priest and redirects an NRI match which is supposed to go to a known person in his village. He manages everything and finally ties the knot with Laya(Manisha Raj). The twist in the tale arises when Ullaas comes to know that the NRI girl he married is a complete alcoholic. Rest of the story is as to how Sunil manages to get his problematic wife back on track. Check: Jai, Anjali Balloon Review

Review: Sunil who always did movies in comedy genre seems to have picked up a fresh script this time. 70 percent of the film was shot in the USA and the rest, in Hyderabad. Though the movie has nothing innovative much, it keeps you hooked to the seat through good execution with comedy. And that’s where the success of the film lies.

Performances: Sunil has delivered good performance and his comedy timing is the highlight of 2 Countries. Manisha Raj, who has made her acting debut with this film, has done justice to her role and her chemistry with the hero is good. Srinivas Reddy, Prithviraj, Naresh, Sayaji Shinde, Sanjana Galrani and have others have also done good jobs and assets of the film, say the audiences.

2 Countries Telugu Movie Rating: 2.5/5


  • High production values
  • Two good songs
  • Routine but decent end to the story


  • Comedy and dialogues couldn’t generate any laughter
  • Poor script
  • Logicless scenes

Verdict: Two Countries as a festival entertainer works fine. With the screenplay and actors not overdoing the comedy, the okay content gets a boost in being a laugh riot. It’s a movie that meets the expectation of the masses when they are in for a Sunil movie.On a whole, this film may work “average in B,C centers “.

Here are the live updates of 2 Countries movie review and rating by the audience:

Karthik @HeIsKARTHIK

#2Countries —- (1.75/5) Bad Remake. A very dull first half and a slight better 2nd half leads to a DISAPPOINTING END……… Poor Comedy tracks. It will be a another failure in #sunil ‘s career…….

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SPL STATUS‏ @EmiratesBabu

#2Countries veedu mundu vuntadu -ve reviews ki Interval Report : 2 countries first half offers nothing to the audience. Poor script, totally illogical scenes test patience.

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#2countries – first half report – Tests patience, Nothing much to offer

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