Agnyaathavaasi Full Film Leaked Online: Will illegal downloads affects Collections?


Pawan Kalyan Most Awaited Film Agnyaathavaasi Released worldwide and the film received mixed reviews and film received an overwhelming response from audience and theaters are filled with 95% Occupancy. However, the filmmakers were expecting the film to do good business at box office. But now the illegal streaming and uploading on torrent sites might impact the film’s business.

But an Unknow gang has reportedly managed to get its hand on the copy of Agnyaathavaasi aka Agnathavasi leaked full movie for download on its website even before its afternoon show on an opening day ended. As per this website, nearly 3000 people have downloaded it within 30 minutes after it was leaked.

A viewer, who downloaded the full movie of Agnyaathavaasi, says that the movie was allegedly recorded during its screening in a theatre and released it online. This pirated copy has poor audio and video quality. It will disappoint you. It should be better watched in the cinema halls only, he added. In Past Few Years Piracy has badly affected not only Tollywood but other film industries across the world. Although many strict measures and policies have been implemented by governments, none of them has been successful in curbing this menace. Do Check: Agnyaathavaasi Movie Second / 2nd Day Collections.

Almost all big movies these days make it to the internet within a day of their release. While some movies made their way to the internet (with good or poor print quality) within a day of release, there have been instances when some movies were leaked online even before they hit theatres.

All the movies released in the recent months have hit torrent sites.

Agnyaathavaasi has the fantastic response and is expected to make a record-breaking collection at the worldwide box office on the first day. However, the film has garnered negative talk, which might lead many filmgoers to download the full movie, instead of spending money on film ticket. The piracy is likely to badly hit its collection and incur losses to its makers and distributors.