Baahubali Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong, Kerala Man Hospitalized


Baahubali Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong this is one of the example how films impact on youth, After Watching Baahubali movie, many youngsters imagined themselves in the character and tried doing Baahubali stunts from the movie. Same Thing Happen Know a kerala Man Tried to Recreate Baahubali Prabhas Introduction Stunt. This Kerala boy trying to kiss an elephant’s trunk and then climb upon it, just like Prabhas did in the movie. However, the animal in real life was not in a mood to entertain the action and tossed the young man like a toy. He landed on the ground upside down a few yards away. He was in an unconscious state his friends who are capturing video rushed him to near by hospital. He can count himself lucky to be alive.

Watch Video Here

The man first tried to lure the animal with some bananas. After being happy that he was fed, the elephant allowed the man to plant a kiss on its trunk once. However, he turned ambitious. His friends can be heard warning him of consequence, “Don’t do it, you are drunk, don’t do it. The elephant will get mad.” The footage shows, the angry animal then tossing him up in the air and he loses consciousness. The shocking video of the incident is now going viral.

According to a report by The News Minute, Took place in Thodupuzha in Idukki. His friend Live  Streamed entire incident on Facebook but deleted later And Friends rushed  the young man’s rescue only to find him unconscious. Reports said that the man somehow managed to survive, and is in hospital. This is not the first time that attempts to reenact Baahubali stunts are going wrong.

Earlier this year, a man had lost his life after he tried to do the same by jumping from a height at a waterfall. The victim had tried to imitate the act at a waterfall in Mahuli.

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