Blackmail Movie Review, Rating – Irrfan Khan Blackmail Review


Blackmail Movie Review: Irrfan Khan is back with a hilarious comedy entertainer to make everyone laugh with his performance and timing. We all know Irrfan Khan is going through a lot these days. This may become one of the good news for his entire team and the family as the movie has some good openings. The trailer created interest and wickedness in the entire film.

What is Blackmail Movie is about ?

Dev (Irrfan) is a middle class toilet paper salesman. One evening he decides to spice up his otherwise mundane life and passionless marriage, by going home early from work with a bunch of roses for his wife. It turns out, that his wife is in bed with another man. Dev starts blackmailing her lover Ranjit (Arunoday Singh), who in turn blackmails Dev’s wife. Dev becomes victim of his own circumstances.


Irrfan gives a solid performance as the average office guy who can’t stand up to his boss, nor to his unfaithful wife. The characters of Divya and Arunoday are only occasionally engaging. It’s a bit miss as the entire movie is held up on the shoulders of Irrfan Khan. He made the entire film a boost as he is the well known face and has fan base. He did his role quite well.

Technical Details:

Abhinay Deo’s direction is on the money. After his black comedy Delhi Belly, he has cracked another one in this genre with Blackmail. The music in the film (Amit Trivedi) beautifully accentuates the right scenes.


Movie becomes good at sometimes and falls off the cliff at certain times. This is a very bad combination of the scenes and screenplay is little which has comedy but not to the mark.

Rating: 3/5

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