Dhanush Vada Chennai Full Movie Leaked Online by Tamil Rockers in 24 Hours


Actor Dhanush much-awaited movie Vada Chennai has hit the screens with a bang. The Tamil movie, which has Dhanush playing the lead role, has garnered unanimous positive reviews. Unfortunately, the film has become the new victim of piracy. The active piracy website TamilRockers leaked the full movie online. According to reports, the makers are trying to take down the film from the Internet.

For several years, filmmakers have been trying to block TamilRockers and websites of the ilk, in a step to save Tamil cinema. Vishal, President of Tamil Nadu Film Producer’s Council, stated that he has set up a team to block all online pirated websites. While the anti-piracy team managed to block most of these websites, they could not take down TamilRockers, which has a wide network. In an earlier interview, Vishal blamed the government for staying inactive when it comes to anti-piracy.

Quite a few agencies and organizations have taken steps to control piracy, However, the latest development clearly indicates that the problem still persists. Let us hope that the law soon catches up with those involved in illegal activity and this puts an end to the menace of piracy.

Vada Chennai’s budget is Rs 65 crores and therefore, it is likely that the film suffers huge losses due to its online leak.

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