Disruptive Passenger’s Smeared Feces Made United Flight Land Unscheduled in Alaska


United Flight Land Unscheduled: We see many flights which makes unscheduled landing because of various reason. But here is one of the weird one which made the flight from Chicago to Hong Kong land in Alaska. A passenger who made everything weird and unbearable for other passengers with his smeared feces all over the plane’s bathrooms. This made the flight crew request the Alaska International airport authority for unscheduled landing.

United Flight 895 was diverted to Anchorage on Thursday night, according to CBS affiliate KTVA, and police officials at Ted Stevens International Airport said the United Airlines passengers found themselves in a fetid situation when their Chicago-to-Hong Kong flight made an unscheduled landing in Alaska after a man had smeared feces all over some of the plane’s bathrooms. This is one of the weirdest reason for unscheduled landing.

More specifically, officials said the man had dirtied “a couple” of lavatories on the plane, and had also tried to cram his shirt down a toilet. United said in a statement only that the flight was diverted due to “a disruptive passenger.” The airline said the passenger, who was reportedly cooperative, was met by authorities in Anchorage.

Staci Feger-Pellessier, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Anchorage, told NBC affiliate KTUU that authorities were alerted that “an unruly passenger had caused some kind of disturbance” on the plane. The FBI, which is reportedly investigating the incident, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post. Airport police told the news station that no charges were filed against the passenger, but he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

According to local news reports, the plane was grounded overnight for maintenance. United said in its statement Friday that the other passengers were put up in hotels, and that the airline was working to get them to their destinations.

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