FIR Registered on Pawan Kalyan in Saroor Nagar Police Station


Case Filed on Jana Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan at Saroor Nagar Police Station today for his `insulting’ comments against Supreme Court’s verdict making mandatory to sing National Anthem –Jana Gana Mana in cinema theatres. Pawan Kalyan today shifted his focus towards Supreme Court unintentionally. He questioned the wisdom of its directive that everyone should stand up and show respect when national anthem is played in cinema halls.

By This Statement FIR was filed by High Court advocate Janardhan Goud deploring that Pawan Kayan has insulted the national anthem in his Twitter account. He alleged that the film actor is evoking people with anti-National Anthem campaign and also resorting to anti-national activities.

This What Pawan Kalyan Asked Check Out Below.

The film actor, who has been tweeting against the BJP on several issues for the last wo days came out with another set of tweets on Saturday, on what he considered not patriotism. “A leisure evening to spend time with family and friends to watch a movie has been made into a testing ground to prove one’s patriotism,” he said, disapproving of the apex court’s direction.

He wanted to know why political parties shouldn’t begin their meetings with national anthem and why only cinemas and why not the highest offices in the country. “Those who preach and enforce laws, why shouldn’t they lead us by example?”

Accusing the ruling party’s attempt of branding those who do not toe the line of the ruling party as anti-national, he asserted that in democracy, differing with ruling party’s opinion cannot be labelled as anti-national.

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