French Director Jerome Salle Going to sue Agnyaathavaasi Film Makers ?


Pawan Kalyan Agnyaathavaasi released worldwide and the film received mixed reviews from fans and film critics. After Film Released worldwide Largo Winch’ director Jerome Salle, who turned the novel into a feature film, is hinting of an imminent sue on the makers of Agnyaathavaasi over plagiarism charges. Just a few hours back ago, he tweeted that a settlement with T-series is not sufficient.

After Watching Premiere show of Agnyaathavaasi in France Yesterday, the director of Largo Winch said that the plot of the Telugu film was way too similar to his film. “I could’ve loved the movie but unfortunately the plot was too familiar. #LargoWinch #Agnyaathavaasi,” he tweeted, confirming that Agnyaathavaasi might indeed have been plagiarized from his film.

The director has now made another tweet, hinting at taking legal action against Agnyaathavaasi makers. “I’m afraid a settlement with T-series will not be enough. It’s not only about India. The movie #Agnyaathavaasi has been released worldwide yesterday,” he tweeted.

It seems Trivikram and producer of Agnyaathavaasi will have to pay high amount to this  French director as well to completely come out of this plagiarism issue.We have to wait and see how the plagiarism issue traverses from here on with the twist given by the French director.

Earlier There were speculations about the copyright infringement started doing rounds on the internet soon after the teaser of Agnyaathavaasi was released. Following this, T-Series, which owns the remake rights of French film Largo Winch, sent a legal notice to the makers of the film, asking for the censored copy of the movie.

It was later reported that T-Series was demanding Rs 15 crore from the makers of Agnyaathavaasi for allegedly violating copyright. Baahubali actor Rana Daggubati, who has a good relationship with T-Series, was said to be mediating and the issue would be sorted out soon. T-Series would settle it down with Rs 5 to 10 crore as compensation if the movie was found similar to the French film.

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