Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Broken Hyderabad Metro Pillar Fake Pics Going Viral in Social Media

Broken Hyderabad Metro Pillar Fake Pics Going Viral in Social Media


To Spoil Reputation of Hyderabad Metro a photograph that shows a metro pillar broken going viral in social media many people was sharing picture in various platformsshowing a cracked pillar and stating that it was a Metro pillar on the ‘ISB route Gachibowli’ in the city. In Order to Stop this Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited Managing Director NVS Reddy to come out to dispel the rumours, and has clarified that the photograph in circulation was that of a pillar in Peshawar, Pakistan. He Further pointed out that there were no Metro pillars at all on the ISB route.

If something good happens then the bad follows. This is how present-day society is and when Hyderabadies are enjoying rides on the newly inaugurated Metro transport system, a big rumour started panicking them. Do You Read This : Young Girl Supriya Sunam Drives First Hyderabad Metro Rail on Inauguration Day

Earlier During Inaguration of Delhi and Banglore Metro Rail Same Pic Rounded in Social Media. Even Telangana IT Minister KTR took his Twitter on 3rd August saying the picture of the pillar was not taken in Hyderabad and does not belong to HMR or PVNR Expressway and was from Rawalpindi of Pakistan . He also posted the link of a Pakistani news website carrying the news with title of “Rawalpindi- Islamabad Metro design fault” including the picture. He tweeted, “This is not in Hyderabad neither in Metro nor in PVNR. Actually it’s in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.”

He also appealed to the city people not to believe such false rumors about the HMR project especially spread on social media.

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