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Kaadhali Movie Review: When you think about love, there are stories which became true and there are other stories which break hearts. This movie is between those two stories and what happens in the life of a girl. The movie has some great technicians who worked behind it. The movie has also some talented actors who did really good with their roles in the film which made the movie a decent watch.

Kaadhali is a Telugu movie directed by Pattabhi R. Chilukuri. The movie stars Harish Kalyan and Pooja K Doshi in prominent roles. The cast also includes Sao Ronak who also play important role in the film. The film has some technicians with Marthand K. Venkatesh as the editor, Vanamali as the Lyricist, forming part of the crew.

Kaadhali Movie Review Story Plot:

Story: The movie is about a girl who is a Physiotherapist named Bandhavi, who hails from a middle class family and her views regarding two interesting men she meets, when it is time for her to get settled in marriage. The movie is an attempt to portray a triangle love story from a woman’s perspective where the girl is interested in two men but it will be a hard thing to choose between them.

Review: The film has something to say which is being from a girl’s point of view takes it to another level. All girls may not think the same way. The visuals of the movie are absolutely fantastic. The cameraman has shown the actors so beautifully. The movie looked rich but the story is a little sluggish. The triangular love story becomes a little weird but this thing may not work out easily in real life. The movie is a one time watch.


Despite being relatively new cast, the film’s lead cast Pooja K. Doshi, Sai Ronak and Harish have delivered a decent performance. But it’s Pooja’s show. She does a good job. However at times, her facial expressions put off. Since it’s her maiden Telugu film, it’s excusable. Sai Ronak is really good.However, Harish has to improve a lot to sustain. He’s okay but somewhere he still has that rigidity in his body language. He has to make himself ease to do better. All other actors are fine. There’s nothing much to talk about the side characters.

Kaadhali Movie Rating & Public Talk:

Kaadhali Movie Rating: 3/5

Kaadhali Positives:

  • Decent interval bang
  • Cinematography


  • Routine story
  • Second half
  • Climax

Kaadhali Movie Verdict: A good performance by the actors and director has done his part well. The film is a one time watch.

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