Karnataka Formation Day: Kannada group to hoist a new Karnataka flag in Gulbarga


Kannada Rajyotsava November 1 Demanding a separate state of North Karnataka, a social-cultural organization ‘Kalyana Karnataka’ from Hyderabad-Karnataka region is set to host a new Karnataka flag on the day of state formation day (Karnataka Rajotsav Day). Member of the organization, Vinod Kumar, said, “We are demanding a separate state of North Karnataka comprising of six districts as there has been no development in this part of the state.”

In July, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had justified his government’s demand for a separate state flag and said that it was in no way an insult to the national flag. The Karnataka Congress veteran had also hit back at the BJP and JDS and said that the two parties were quoting non-existent clauses of the Constitution in response to his government’s demand for a separate flag.

Hyderabad-Karnataka is the name given to north-east Karnataka, the Kannada-speaking part of the Hyderabad State was ruled by the Nizams of Hyderabad until 1948. After merging with the Indian union, the region was part of Hyderabad State until 1956.

The Hyderabad-Karnataka/Northeast Karnataka region comprises Bidar, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal and Gulbarga of Hyderabad state and, Bellary of Madras that are in the present state of Karnataka.

Karnataka Formation Day is celebrated on 1 November of every year. This was the day in 1956 when all the Kannada language-speaking regions of South India were merged to form the state of Karnataka. The Rajyotsava day is listed as a government holiday in the state.

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