Leptin hormone deficiency Two kids from Vijayawada crying for help from govt


Two Kids who are aged two and four years, in Vijayawada have been identified to be suffering from leptin hormone deficiency. The parents of the kids sought the help of the Andhra Pradesh state government for their treatment, said bariatric surgeon D. Nanda Kishore here on Wednesday. Addressing the media, Dr Nanda Kishore said that the four-year-old boy weighed 44 kg while the two-year-old boy was 35 kg, which is abnormal compared to their age. After examination and on performing a series of tests, the doctors concluded that the kids were suffering from Leptin hormone deficiency.

The US research people replied that at present the US had restricted to enroll research protocol only to US citizens. The doctor replied that if the kids were not enrolled in their research protocol by the US at least they can send the medicine which would be very helpful to the children, he added.

In this regard, the hospital and the parents of the kids requested the government to intervene and extend its support to contact the US research to enrol them in their research programme or arrange for the medicine to treat the children. The doctor said if toddlers, if not treated, would develop hypertension, diabetes, breathing problem and kidney problem, the doctor said.

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