Man goes on kissing random girls, calls it a ‘prank’; now faces jail


Have you heard about Youtube channel, ‘The Crazy Sumit’ in which YouTuber Sumit Verma post prank videos. He does like Pregnancy Prank on Mom (Gone Wrong ), Taking Girls Phone Number (Wasting There Phone Balance),and many more pranks. All for views, likes and subscriptions on his YouTube channel.

Recently, He posted a prank video “Craziest kissing and Running video” which made him on headlines. In this video, Youtuber walk up to random girls in public and kiss them without their consent. After this shameless act, he runs away. He thinks is a funny prank and people will accept it, but netizen who sawed the video slammed him with their comments for this immoral video. In fact, This video is going viral social media saying that he should be punished.

In reaction,  Sumit deleted video from youtube and posted two apology videos. In this videos, He said that “I never knew the kissing and running prank will go so viral and have such a bad impact. I really apologise, never wanted to hurt anyone. It was just shot for entertainment purposes. I respect women and I would never do anything like that again.”

According to thequint, “The Delhi Police is looking into the incident and its technical aspects, like details of service providers and criminal liability, are being examined.” The video has also caught the attention of the Delhi Commission for Women and Chairperson Swati Maliwal tweeted:”Its perversion not humor. FIR shud be filed imm and strict action taken by Police. His apology’s of no consequence for its act of violence. “

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