Modi Government Wants This GST Scene From Vijay’s ‘Mersal’ Movie To Be Removed


Kollywood Film Mersal Creating News Records in Film Industry While Film Recevied Tremendous Response from Viewers. But Film Slams GST References Dialogues to be Deleted. In one scene actor Vijay’s character in the film laments at the government’s inability to provide free healthcare for all in India despite “high” GST rates in India, saying Singapore is able to fund a free health scheme despite a much lower GST rate.Many BJP leaders demanded the references to the GST in the Tamil film be removed. “The film producer should remove the untruths regarding GST from the film,” Union minister Pon Radhakrishnan told on Friday, according to PTI.

Moreover BJP Party is not the only one complaining about Mersal. An Doctors association has alleged that there are unfair references to the medical profession in the film and they want that scenes must be deleted. On the other hand, the medical associations have also made up minds of fighting against “Mersal” as it shows medical professionals in a very bad light.

Mean While Veteran actor Kamal Haasan also backed the Vijay starrer and asked those objecting to the movie to counter criticism with a logical response. “Mersal was certified. Don’t re-censor it. Counter-criticism with a logical response. Don’t silence critics. India will shine when it speaks,” Haasan said in a tweet.

WATCH The Scene which Narendra Modi Government Wants To Be Deleted From Actor Vijay’s Movie ‘Mersal’

The opposition DMK has charged the BJP with trying to pressure the producers though they have a certificate from the censor board. “The BJP is acting as a super film certification board and curbing democratic rights,” DMK spokesperson A Saravanan said.

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