Pawan Kalyan Emotional & Serious Twitter Comments on RGV and Nara Lokesh


Janasena President Pawan Kalyan took to Twitter and made serious allegations on Nara Lokesh and TV9. First, he started with a series of Tweets saying that he better die if he can not uphold the dignity of his mother and he pointed out that even media is stooping down to a cheap level by airing that comment of the actress multiple times and hosting debates on the worst thing done. In the wake of Sri Reddy’s vulgar abusing using filthy words against Pawan, by indirectly insulting his mother, the actor turned quite emotional and his tweets gave a similar feeling.

Pawan Kalyan mentioned many names including Balakrishna, Nara Lokesh and Srini Raju (TV9 owner).Pawan fans are responding very emotionally after reading Pawan’s tweets and the message from Pawan to RGV is pretty loud and clear that he didn’t accept his multiple apologies.Looks like Pawan is not taking this lightly as it is not a heat of the moment abuse but a cold-blooded, well-planned verbal attack on him.

This satire might surely kickstart more debates in the coming days on our so-called news channels, but frankly speaking, going to such a low to get attention is the weird and unethical thing anyone could ever do. Pawan Kalyan has alleged that Nara Lokesh has made this conspiracy to spend Rs 10 crore.

These are some serious allegations and TDP dares Pawan Kalyan to prove them. They allege that they are intentionally timed to overshadow the One Day Deeksha of the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and question why otherwise he would remain silent all these days and say it exactly on this day. The big question is how Pawan Kalyan is going to handle this further. Will he show the necessary evidence and proceed legally against those who he has named we have to wait and see.

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