Pawan Kalyan shifted to New House In Vijayawada


Jana Sena Chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan moved his residence from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. Pawan Kalyan has shifted to a rented house in Vijayawada, held a housewarming ceremony on Friday. On this occasion, Pawan Kalyan and his wife held a special pooja in the new house. From now on, the party’s activities will take place from Vijayawada.

The couple did formal puja before moving into the house and the housewarming ceremony was quite simple and low profile. Off late, Pawan was staying in the hotel whenever he is in Vijayawada and he has opened a Janasena party office in Ramavarappadu near Vijayawada. The Jana Sena leader has made arrangements for the party meetings and press conferences to be held from his residence. Reports suggest that the reason behind this sudden move is due to the delay in the construction of his own house and office in Kaja village.

Mean While Powerstar’s sudden applying of brakes to his famed Poratayaatra is out. From a time, the Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is suffering from an issue related to his eye. He mentioned earlier at Rangasthalam success meet that he’s sporting glasses not as a style statement, but due to an eye infection issue.

After his recent tour in North Andhra, actually the infection got more intense and Pawan Kalyan is advised of a surgery. That’s the reason he gave break to his tour and shifted to Vijayawada to get the treatment done. Though it’s a minor surgery, both his wife Anna Lezhenova and his elder son Akira Nandan are taking care of the actor.

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