Raaga Kannada Movie Review & Raaga Movie Rating (3.5/5) – Love is Blind


Raaga Kannada Movie Review: A wonderful movie comes only when there are some actors who mesmerize with their performance. Raaga is also one of them which takes the thing called performance from the characters and becomes a tale to show how the world is. Mithra and Bhama who are great with their performance in the movie delivered their best to get going along with story.

Raaga is an Indian romantic drama Kannada film directed by P. C. Shekar and produced by Mithra. It features a love affair between two blind people, played by Mithra and Bhama. Whilst the soundtrack and score is by Arjun Janya, the cinematography is by S. Vaidi. It is releasing under the banner of Mithra Entertainers Cine Creations.

Raaga Kannada Movie Review Story Plot:

Story: The story revolves around two blind people who thinks that world is big to explore even they can’t see light. What if “Love is blind” is “Blind in Love”! This expression of a love of two blind people with no prejudice or expectation, in fact, love in its pristine form is RAAGA – The melody of love. The love doesn’t have any exceptions nor any wishes. Just wait for a perfect glimpse of time where this love can be build through a perfect story.

Review: Love has many reasons to blossom; some say love at first sight is when two eyes meet, surrounding which are many other reasons for it to ensue. The expression of love in words involves the entire nature around us in poetry. The whole world seems to be nonentity compared to the person whom you’ve fallen in love with, and for which there is a forever tag, “Love is blind”. This tag works very well for the movie. The performances of Mithra and Bhama will steal the show.

Raaga Kannada Movie Rating, Public Talk:

Raaga Kannada Movie rating: 3.5/5

Positive Point of the movie-

  • This movie has good story plot.
  • The screenplay is quite good.
  • Music is superb.

Negative Point of the movie

  • This movie has worst direction work.
  • Production work is weak.
  • The cinematography is weak.

Verdict: The story of the film is an exploration of how our lives are moulded and dictated by the circumstances each of us grows up in. In the case of the visually-challenged, owing to their disability, it is even more imperative that they get the right guidance to find the light in their lives.The film mainly focuses on he and his partner played by Bhama. The two blind in the society manage the situations of life and prove that they are like others is the crux of this film. Mithra of over 100 films in Kannada as comedy actor is also hotelier in his profession. It is on his 30 acres farm house the shoot for the film was also held. It is a romantic comedy and songs scored by Arjun Janya are already popular in the social media.