Raj Tarun Rangula Raatnam Review, Rating : Rangula Raatnam Movie Review


Raj Tarun Rangula Raatnam Film Review: Raj Tarun is in a flow to get a hat trick of hits with his next film Rangula Raatnam. There were no hits this Sankranthi as Agnyathavasi and Jai Simha couldn’t able to impress the audience with poor narration. There were different films which released in the same season which saw great success last year and Raj Tarun also want to test his luck.

Rangula Raatnam Movie is directed by Sri Rajani and produced by Nagarjuna under the banner of Annapurna Studios. Shree Ranjani is making her directorial debut with his romantic drama and Chitra Shukla is the female lead. Rangula Raatnam is made on a budget of Rs.5 crores. The movie is one of the most expensive movies in the young actor’s career so far.

Rangula Raatnam Review, Story Plot:

Story:  The story revolves around the romantic relationship between an easy going guy and a bold girl who has taken up family responsibilities at a young age. The movie starts with Hero and his mom who has a huge part in the story and falls in love with a girl. Even the heroine loves him but refuses to continue for an unknown reason. Does heroine and hero meat ? If yes, then how is the crux of the story.

Review: The sentiment in movie worked out well in the second half while the first half was a little slow. Raj Tarun and Chitra Shukla’s roles worked out well while Priyadarshi’s character keeps the comedy track going. Sricharan Pakala’s music is good and breezy while the background music is a little bit dull.

Rangula Raatnam Rating: 3/5

Survi‏ @PavanSurvi
Love is not easy and loveless lonely life is even tough. Trying to figure out the balance, we end up frustrated and tortured by the same love we desire so much. #Rangularatnam a see-saw take on love that doesn’t really hold together.

Bharat @movi3Lov3R
#RangulaRaatnam until the last 45mins or so, felt very artificial.. Nothing to talk much, but later part is what the story line is, and very well executed.. may be that’s wat the director actually prepared and stretched it over 2hrs.. 3/5

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