Sahara Desert Evidences Snowfall for First Time in 40 Years


Sahara Desert Evidences Snowfall: It’s a rear scene where we expect snow in the middle of Sahara Desert. The people near the areas of Sahara desert witnessed Snowfall for the first time in the history in 40 years. Residents of Ain Sefra, an Algerian town on the northwest edge of the Sahara desert, witnessed a stunning sight on Sunday: snow blanketing the sandy hills of one of Earth’s most arid regions.

While the snowfall was less than an inch and gone by the next day, the satellite images – both from the ESA and NASA – offer an unusual view of this desert. Children living in the Sahara desert look like they had the time of their lives sliding down the icy slopes after a freak snow storm. Cold air that caused heavy snowfall on the East Coast crossed the Atlantic, making temperatures drop in unexpected places, like the Sahara.

Sahara Desert Evidences Snowfall First Time in 40 Years:

This winter has brought extreme weather to some unexpected places – like snow in the Sahara. But given that the photos appear to be taken in areas located at a higher altitude, a spokesperson for The Met Office told The Independent that snow isn’t as unusual as one would think. Photographer Karim Bouchetata said: “We were really surprised when we woke up to see snow again”.

And though Algeria is a long way off from the East Coast of the United States, the same cold front contributed to snow in both places. “So it’s ridiculous to say that this is the first, second, third time it snowed, as nobody would know how many times it has snowed in the past unless they were there”.

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