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Tollywood Star Comedian Sapthagiri New Film Sapthagiri LLB Finally Released worldwide in Large Number of Screens. This film is directed by Charan Lakkakula. Film Stars Paruchuri Brothers, Kota Srininivasrao, Sai Kumar, Dr. Shiva Prasad, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Shakalaka Shanker, Ravi Kale, Sanju, Krishnamurthy, Lahari, L.B. Sriram, and Chatrapati Shekar played the supporting roles. The music is given by Bulganin and cinematography by Sarangam SR. Gowtham Raju is the editor. Dr. K Ravi Kirane produced the film. Scroll Down Below and Check Out Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review & Story Plot , Rating.

Cast & Crew

Released on : Dec 07, 2017
Banner : Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations Pvt Ltd.
Casting : Sapthagiri, Kashish Vohra, Sai Kumar, Ajay Ghosh, Shakalaka Shankar and Others
Music : Bulganin
Director : Charan Lakkaakula
Producer : Dr.Ravikirane
Cinematographer : Sarangam SR

Story Plot: Saptagiri, a struggling lawyer seeking fame and success, comes upon a hit-and-run case and decides to fight for the victims. However, the defendant hires a proficient lawyer, Sai Kumar, against him.The audience say Sapthagiri LLB has an interesting storyline coupled with an engrossing screenplay. The movie is a through and through comedy.

The main highlight of Sapthagiri LLB  is Actor Saptagiri, brilliant performance as a lawayer. He has impressed the film goers with his comedy timing.Kashish Vohra has done justice to her role.  Paruchuri Brothers, Kota Srininivasrao, Sai Kumar, Dr. Shiva Prasad, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Shakalaka Shanker, Ravi Kale, Sanju, Krishnamurthy, Lahari, L.B. Sriram, and Chatrapati Shekar have also done well. Do Read: Sasikumar Kodi Veeran Review

Review: Saptagiri attracted the attention of Audience Saptagiri is seen as a full-fledged hero in the trailer. In addition to comedy, Saptaguri also impressed in the emotion scenes. Many films are coming to the audience this week. Even the film ‘Saptagiri LLB’ has attracted more attention. The film unit members from the first say that the comedy will be a full commercial commercial film. See how the movie is going to be a few hours away. Will Saptagiri be the hero of the film or whether it will make comedy characters again.

The film is directed by Charan Lakkakula and produced by Ravi Kumar under Sai Celluloid Cinematic Creations Pvt Ltd. Banner while Bulganin has composed the music.

  • Commercial Entertainer With A Message

Just like its Bollywood counterpart, ‘Saptagiri LLB’ provides a social commentary on the justice system of India and how easy it is for the rich to get away with things while the poor have to wait for a very long time for justice. The film manages to do this while also providing humor.

  • Intense Courtroom Drama

As the film is based on the judiciary system and the lead character is a lawyer, the film will definitely have some high courtroom drama with heated arguments in them.

  • Good Dose Of Comedy

Even though the film is based on a serious issue, the film manages to make fun of all the problems people have to go through in the legal department and also about the lives of lawyers in India.

Performances: Sapthagiri, who has played the titular role, has delivered good performances, which is the highlight of the film. Sai Kumar, Amrita Rao and Prabhas Sreenu have done justice to their roles and they are also big assets of the movie, say the viewers.

Verdict : The movie is a socio-comedy with commercial elements. One time watch film.

Rating : 2.5/5

We bring you the Twitterati’s verdict of the film. Here is the live update of Sapthagiri LLB movie review, ratings by audience:

Lêëlå Krîshñã Réddy

Anna mvie super Anna Just now completed first half Super fun scenes………… All the best Anna………. #SaptagiriLLB ,@IamSaptagiri

IndiaGlitz Telugu @igtelugu

The film opens with a few spoilt brats going rogue on a busy Hyderabad road. The scene shifts to a village, where Prabhas Sreenu is accused of committing a rape. Enter #Saptagiri, the fresh LLB pass-out #SaptagiriLLB

Stylish‏ @kasi_CineFan

#JollyLLB bane untadi.. commercial hangulatho #SapthagiriLLB mass ki bane connect avachu..

G Ranjith Kumar‏ @smm2ranjith
#SapthagiriLLB View Point: Ignoring the very less convincing lagged narration, the film takes an interesting pace at the pre-climax onwards. It might push the audience to the theatres. And, attracts the masses with its commercial elements.

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG
#SaptagiriLLB Barring climax courtroom scene, this is a shoddy remake of ‘Jolly LLB’.

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak
Such an over the top borefest so far #SaptagiriLLB Preinterval good #SaptagiriLLB

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