Sitaram Rajput 70 yr old Man digs a well single handedly to solve water crisis in his village


In Madhya Pradesh  Sitaram Rajput, a 70-year-old man, from Chattarpur’s Hadua village, is single-handedly digging a well to help solve the water crisis in his village in Madhya Pradesh. With a population of 300, most people in this village are either farm laborers or petty traders.

Manjhi’s story caught the attention of Jyotiraditya Scindia, a top Congress leader from the state. Scindia used the agency’s tweet to take potshots at Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. “People are dying in absence of water in 44-degree temperature. 70-year-old Sitaram Rajput is single-handedly digging up a well in Chttarpur district,” he said on Twitter. “Shivraj Singh ji, you have not been able to provide even the basic amenities to the people of the state, it is a matter a shame for you and your government.”

Speaking to Times Of India, Sitaram revealed that he used to dig from dawn to noon and then again from afternoon to sunset daily. He had even completed the work in 2017, however, the wall collapsed due to monsoon as he couldn’t get the wall plastered.

However, Sitaram is undeterred with the mishap and has picked up the shovel again. Initially, Sitaram’s family had opposed digging of the well as there was no guarantee of water coming out of the well. Finally, the family was in for a surprise as after 18 months, they good water in the well.

VVS Laxman– Ex-International Cricketer, Mentor @SunRisers shared few pics and wrote on the wall of his Twitter, “ 70-yr-old Sitaram Rajput from Hadua village in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh is single-handedly digging out well to help solve the water crisis in his village, which the region has been facing since last 2 & a half years without any support. May the authorities help him.”

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