Telangana CM KCR Visiting Delhi Today to Meet Modi discuss on Demonetisation


CM KCR Visiting Delhi : Today Telangana Chief Minister KCR Visiting Delhi Today to Meet Modi discuss on Demonetisation. Prime Minister asked the Chief Minister to come to New Delhi with a detailed report on the measures it wants to be taken to mitigate the difficulties of the people post-demonetisation. Following this, KCR reviewed the impact of the demonetisation on the state’s revenue with the Chief Secretary, Special Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Secretaries at his Camp Office.

Telangana, the newly formed state, was badly affected in terms of revenues in the last nine days. The CM and government chief secretary Rajiv Sharma held series of meetings with officials of the finance department and other revenue earning departments and took stock of the situation.

Land registrations have fallen down by more than 70 percent and the excise revenue has come down to 50 percent. Commercial taxes, vehicle registration taxes have also collapsed. Property values have fallen down steeply. Already having seen a farmer and his father committing suicide in CM’s native Siddipet district, KCR is keen on insisting that the Centre should compensate the revenue loss on account of the sudden decision.

However, any decision of the Centre to curb and prevent black money should not cause misery and suffering to lakhs of small traders, common public and those in the unorganised sector. Efforts should be put in place to safeguard the interests of these sections. People should be made partners and stakeholders in development.

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