Tiger Kannada Movie Review, Tiger Rating – Story of a Police Officer


Tiger Kannada Movie Review: After a gap, Pradeep is being re-introduced with the film Tiger which is directed by Kannada film’s most famous and successful director Nanda Kishora. The film marks the stepping stone for Pradeep as he came back after many years and try to get a hit by joining hands with the successful director. The film is expected to do very well at the box office as it has the best technicians of the Kannada film industry.

Tiger is an upcoming 2017 Indian Kannada action film directed by Nanda Kishore, produced by Smt. Chikkaboramma under the banner Inchara Film Factory. The film stars Pradeep, Nyra Banerjee, Om Puri, K. Shivaram, P. Ravishankar, Chikkanna and Sadhu Kokila in prominent roles. Music was composed by Arjun Janya, art direction by Mohan B Kere for the film. Stunt sequence choreographed by Thriller Manju, Different Danny, Vijay, Ganesh, and Ravi Varma.

Tiger Kannada Movie Review, Story Plot:

Story: The movie Tiger is a Kannada action packed thriller film led by the young star Pradeep (protagonist) who dreams to become a police officer which is against the wish of his father played by the well known actor and also a very famous Ex IAS officer K Shivram. Why is the father against the wish and the dream of his son is the crux of the story.

Review: The movie has the successful director which became an advantage as he knows what the audience wants. Late Legendary actor, Om Puri who played a role in the film marks the last film which he will be seen on the silver screen has done good job. Pradeep’s action has been brilliant. The story is also a little predictable but good thing is director handled the story very neatly.

Tiger Kannada Movie Rating, Public Talk:

Tiger Kannada Movie Rating: 3/5

Tiger Kannada Verdict: Good movie to watch once. You will be bored at some times but the film has some high points which make the film interesting to watch.

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