Time to Discharge CM Jayalalitha Apollo Hospital Chief Said to Media


CM Jayalalitha Health News : Jayalaithaa, who was admitted to Apollo Hospitals in Chennai on September 22 following fever and dehydration, lung infection and respiratory problem was totally cured and she “is breathing on her own” without respiratory support.

Today Apollo Hospital Chief said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has recovered completely.“Right now other systems of her body are being pepped up; her mental functions are fine,” he added.She’s in the ICU to avoid cross infection.A team of specialists continues to monitor her closely and all efforts taken to prevent further infection.

Dr Reddy said Jayalalithaa is eating and talking normally. The chief minister is on high protein diet as her body requires that, he added.

Earlier on November 17, Jayalalithaa party AIADMK in a statement said that she was doing well in the hospital and the recovery is like her rebirth. “Amma (Jayalalithaa) is doing extremely well. She herself said that this is like a rebirth for her,” said a party spokesperson CR Saraswathi.

Reportedly, the secrecy of the chief minister’s health was strictly maintained and a hospital staffer was relieved of duty when found looking up at the chief minister’s health condition online.Elections and by elections at Aravakurichi, Thanjavur, Tirupparankunram and Nellithope in Puducherry are scheduled for November 19. However, in a letter, she said she could not campaign with her party members for the upcoming elections.

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